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Our mission is to offer a comprehensive, holistic, and personalised service to diagnose and treat allergic diseases in adults and children.

Our doctors are hospital based Specialists in Allergy & Immunology with expertise gained through many years of  training in the care of allergic diseases and disorders of the immune system. Our highly qualified doctors work in a range of clinical settings including public hospitals, private practice, diagnostic immunology laboratories and the University of Auckland.

Specialist nursing staff and dietician services are provided by knowledgeable health professionals with many years of experience caring for patients with allergic and immunological disease.

All our methods of investigation and treatment are those recommended by The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy (ASCIA), of which our specialists, nursing staff and dietician are members.


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Our medical clinic provides expert evaluation and best practice allergy testing performed by doctors who are hospital based Specialists in Allergy & Immunology.

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Our Team


Dr Vincent Crump

Dr Crump is the founding partner of the Auckland Allergy and Eczema Clinic. He has written a number of review articles on Allergy, developed Patient Education Aids and frequently participates in public and professional presentations on Allergy.

Due to the growing prevalence of Allergies, and the lack of allergy awareness in New Zealand, Dr Crump has witnessed over the last 20 years of practice at the Auckland Allergy Clinic, he decided to write a book on the growing prevalence of Allergies in New Zealand, and his book "Allergies: New Zealand's Growing Epidemic" was published in 2009.

The book has been described by Penny Jorgensen, CEO of Allergy New Zealand, as "a must have book for every New Zealander". Dr Crump's book offers an in-depth examination on the treatment of allergies and the ways in which allergic conditions are inter-related. It also includes case studies illustrating how allergies manifest themselves, and a wealth of practical advice on how to recognise allergies and where to look for the most effective treatment options.


  • MBBS (UWI) 1980
  • Dip Dermoscopy (Univ.Lond.) 1984
  • MRCP (UK) 1988
  • FRCP (UK) 2005
  • FRACP 2006
  • Dip Derm, Univ Graz, 2008

 Full NZ Registration Date

  • 21 November 1990

Title or Designation

Allergist & Physician

Vocational Scope

  • Internal Medicine


Dr Pete Storey

Dr Pete Storey is the managing partner of our clinic. He is qualified as a specialist in allergy, clinical immunology and internal medicine. Prior to training as a specialist in allergy and immunology, he trained in dermatology giving him his interest in skin allergy and eczema.

Pete has held many positions of responsibility during his career. As a junior doctor he was The Doctors Mess President of The Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, UK. Pete is a former Chief Resident of Medicine at Auckland City Hospital and he worked extensively on re-invigorating the University of Auckland Medical School curriculum as a Clinical Education Fellow whilst studying for his specialist qualifications.

Pete is an expert panel member for the Drug Allergy and Chronic Urticaria working parties for The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology & Allergy (ASCIA). In August 2018, he will assume the position of Chair to the Medicine Vocational Training Committee for junior doctors in the Auckland Region.

In Pete's daily practice he is focused on his patients and spends time with them learning how he can improve their quality of life by offering patient-centred treatment plans.

Title or Designation

Allergist, Clinical Immunologist & Internal Medicine Physician

Vocational Scope

  • Internal Medicine


  • MB ChB 2006 Sheff;
  • FRACP (Int Med) 2017

 Full NZ Registration Date

  • 5 May 2010


Dr Maia Brewerton

Dr Maia Brewerton is a specialist in allergy, clinical immunology and immunopathology.

Maia is the current lead clinician of the Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergy at Auckland Hospital. She also heads the immunology laboratory at Waitemata DHB. Maia enjoys teaching specialists in training at Auckland Hospital and the next generation of doctors at the Auckland University School of Medicine. Maia is the incoming Chairperson of the New Zealand Clinical Immunology and Allergy Group (NZCIAG).

Maia spent several years working in Melbourne before returning to Auckland in 2015 to be closer to her family. Whilst in Melbourne, Maia worked as specialist at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and a research doctor in the Gastro and Food Allergy Group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

Maia brings her broad clinical experience to the clinic, she is patient focused and enjoys her work. She takes time to listen, answer questions and develop an individualised treatment plan for each patient she sees.

Maia sees adults and adolescents 12 years or older in the clinic.

Title or Designation

Allergist, Clinical Immunologist & Immunopathologist

Vocational Scope

  • Internal Medicine
  • Pathology


  • MB ChB 2000 (University of Otago),
  • FRACP 2012 (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians)
  • FRCPA 2012 (Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia)

 Full NZ Registration Date

  • 14 December 2001

Specialist DIETICIAN

Sharon Carey

Sharon is a specialist dietitian in Clinical Immunology and Allergy. She has complimented her 20 years’ practice in Nutrition and Dietetics with a graduate diploma in Psychotherapy and post-graduate training in Mindbody healthcare. She is passionate about Whole Person healthcare and integrates this into her everyday clinical practice.

Whole Person healthcare focuses on the whole person, especially by knowing the person’s story. It is integrated with usual medical approaches such as drug and dietary treatments. Listening to a person’s story opens up to important things such as personal life events, feelings and emotions, relationship issues, family history, culture, gender, trauma, spirituality and much more. Many ill people are not aware that their life experiences or stories are contributing to their illnesses and food intolerances. Bringing an ill person’s story into focus can result in more opportunities for healing, better outcomes, less dependence upon drugs or complicated diets, and better relationships between patients and their clinicians. For more information on Whole Person Healthcare view http//

Sharon will work alongside you and your immunologist to better understand the nature of your food sensitivities and other dietary problems so that you can manage or even overcome symptoms while developing a healthier relationship with food. She will listen to your story, bust dietary myths and tailor nutrition advice specifically to suit your individual

Sharon has specialised in supporting adults and teenagers.

Title or Designation

Specialist Dietician


  • BSc (Hons) Applied Human Nutrition,
  • NZRD GDip Psychotherapy,
  • PGCert MindBody Healthcare

Specialist NURSE

Alison Brady

Alison Brady (Ali) is a registered nurse and Certified vaccinator. She has been with our clinic for many years. Prior to Auckland Allergy Ali worked for 2 years at Starship Children's Hospital as a Paediatric Nurse specialising in general medicine, in particular respiratory, eczema and infectious conditions.

Ali is passionate about prevention and management of chronic conditions with a strong interest in asthma and eczema. We are lucky to have Ali compliment the clinic as a busy mum of two young children she brings a compassionate nature to our staff.

Title or Designation

Specialist Nurse


  • BHSC Nursing 2010