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We now offer Paediatric care…



We offer specialist appointments for both Adults and Children (0-12yrs). Please know our specialists are available by appointment only…


Please complete our New Patient Questionnaire to find out whether you require a GP referral. A GP referral will be required for Paediatric appointments (children 0-12yrs).

Initial Consultations

Preparing for your appointment…

To ensure the accuracy of your test results, we will ask Adults to stop using antihistamines 3 days prior to your consultation, Children 7 days prior, as well as avoiding the use of moisturiser 24hrs prior to your consultation.

On the day…

Your initial consultation will provide you with a full allergy evaluation and diagnosis from your specialist. Please make sure you are on time for your appointment to ensure you get the most out of your 45 minute consultation. Some patients may require additional testing such as Allergy Skin Prick Testing to support your diagnosis. These results are available within 20 minutes and your specialist will discuss the results during your appointment. Please allow up to 60 minutes for your appointment with us. Your specialist will provide you with a Patient Consultation Letter that will clearly outline your diagnosis, test results, treatment plan and suggest whether follow up appointments are necessary. For further information on our diagnostic testing methods and treatment, please follow the links below.

Follow up Appointments

Follow up appointments may be necessary to evaluate your diagnosis, treatment plan and on-going care. If you have queries following your initial consultation, we suggest first referring to your consultation letter where you can review the advice provided by your specialist. This may answer your queries and save you booking a follow up appointment. Follow up appointments can be made over the phone with our friendly reception team during clinic hours.

On-going Care

If you have any queries in regards to your treatment, we suggest first referring to your Consultation Letter where you can review the medical advice provided by your specialist. To help reduce unnecessary specialist appointment costs, your GP is provided access to your clinical letters, test results and can assist with the renewal of prescriptions. You may be able to seek guidance from your GP without needing a follow up appointment with your specialist.

For those patients undergoing immunotherapy treatment provided by a GP, your General Practitioner is the first point of contact for your treatment queries.

Given their busy hospital schedule, please understand that our specialists are available ‘by appointment only’. They are unable to provide you with medical advice over the phone, or via email for medicolegal reasons. We endeavour to provide urgent access to your specialist with flexible waitlisted appointments.



The most important process is understanding the root cause of your allergy. There are many ways we test depending on your symptoms.


Specialist Treatments

Specific allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) is the only treatment that can switch off allergy.


Some Conditions Treated at our Clinic

We treat a wide range of allergies and skin conditions. Here are some of them listed below, for a full list please contact our clinic



There is a strong link to indoor allergens (as opposed to outdoor) and asthma.



Common triggers are drugs, insect stings and food.


Food Allergy

NZ's most common allergies are nuts, dairy and eggs. Do you fall into this category?



A cause of recurrent infections.



Sometimes known as dermatitis, varies in severity and causes.


Hay Fever

It is uncommonly known that hay fever is not always seasonal.